Condo Living: The Bachelor Pad

If there’s one thing most revealing about a person, it’s how they live. And when it comes to a bachelor pad, nothing can quite be more of a dead give away then the way a man lives. Whether it meets a lady’s standards or the guys’ code of approval, a bachelor pad has a way of revealing the personality of the person who inhabits it. At the same time, it shows how interesting and appealing one can be as a person. So why not exercise these four to make yourself seem more interesting.

1. Entertainment. Every good place should have some form of entertainment. Be it in the form of a flat television screen to a stereo. You need technology to liven up the place, perhaps a DVD/ record collection or a coffee table with some magazines lying across it – things that any guest can browse through. The magazines you choose to display will help to reveal your personality and solidify the “impression” you’re trying to make. So choose them wisely.

2. Books/Art. Never underestimate the power of having a book collection. People will assume you’ve read each and every one of them, not to mention, maybe you’d wish to read all the books you hope to shelve. Books should have great titles or interesting pictures. Abstract Art can also make a place seem more appealing.

3. Organization. There’s something about keeping organized that makes one feel like every other aspect of there lives is also in order. Being organized can say a lot about person, like for one thing, they’re not sloppy.

4. The view. This one is a given. You’ve got to have a place where the view is so magnificent that it can’t even be expressed in words. Where waking up in the morning isn’t as hard to do when you have such a killer view to drink your coffee and eat your toast to.

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About The Building

detail photo of the entrance at One King West Hotel and Residence

Neighbourhood | Financial District

Developer | Stinson Properties, Projectcore

Number of Units | 242

Number of Floors | 51

Completed | 2006


Walker’s Paradise

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